Monday, April 2, 2012

Painted drop cloth rug

For months I've been looking for a rug to go under my table and everything I loved was around $500. Which is a lot of money. So I decided to make my own.

One Drop Cloth $11.00 (I got mine from Lowes. It was 6x9)
Blue Painters tape $5.00
Pint of latex Paint $Free had on hand (I used Granite Grey by glidden)
Paint tray and mini roller. $2.00 (got at Lowes)

First you are going to lay out your drop cloth where you want to paint it. (If it has some hard wrinkles you will want to put the drop cloth in the dryer for a few minutes or on a de-wrinkle cycle)

Then you are going to tape on your design. I did easy stripes.

After you have taped your design you are going to start painting the rug.

Let dry and peel off tape. Run it through a wash cycle and dry cycle.

Holy moly an easy painted rug for under $20

I love how it is Rustic and not perfect... Just what I need with kids!

*EDIT ANother great thing I learned today?? YOU CAN WASH THE RUG!!!! GOTTA LOVE KIDS


Lindsay said...

This is such a cute rug! Do you have problems keeping the rug in place? I would imagine the edges of the cloth might flip up if it's in an area with any bit of traffic. Anything you've been able to do to minimize movement of the rug? I'd love to try this, but would love to keep the rug in place :) Also do you have any padding underneath it?


Jamie Hamblin said...


Thanks for your comment. I do not have anything under my rug to keep it in place... it dosn't move a lot with the table and chairs on it.