Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to clean a lamp shade

Okay I thought that I would start posting a " Helpful tip" once a week-- so of course Tuesday seems like the perfect day to do so.  Then we can call it " Tip Tuesday"  yes I know I am brillant!!! ha  Anyway, so now for the tip of the day.....actually I already gave you a tip this morning in the pasta salad post-- using the egg slicer to slice your olives, but I will still give you another one. 
To make dusting your lamp shades easier I use a lint roller-- in fact I keep one in the drawer of the sofa table then it's handy.  Just roll it along the shade from top to bottom, you can even roll all the way around the top & bottom to get that little lip.  The dust comes right off onto the roller & not onto the floor!  :)