Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Summer Time

Waking up to 2 inches of snow on the ground today.... has got me longing for the warm days of SUMMER!!! I know it's way too soon, we haven't even really had spring yet-- But I was going through some pictures & found these of a fun summer party we had last year..... oh don't you just love paper straws!! They can make any day a party, add some curling ribbon and a tag and let the party begin....

we love to have pic-nics in the summer... it doesn't take much, just some snacks in clear containers, I love the extra large ric-rac around them-

and some buckets filled with all kinds of goodies--

chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles-- and skittles...

and bubbles to keep them busy... actually we did set up the water slide.. and had more than treats for lunch, but I haven't figured how to post more than 5 pictures at a time... so this is it-- at least for today.

I found the tags at