Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Petals of our Life Jar

I started doing this about 29 years ago... when I first started I had a large basket that sat on my coffee table in the living room. (well the living room was the family room too- you know they say love grows best in a small house!) Anyway as time went on I had to change containers as I added more & more petals. So here is how it works-everytime any of us (my family) recieved flowers, for valentine's, Birthdays, babies, funerals, school dances, graduations, weddings ect. I would keep some of the petals and put them in the jar... and soon we began to refer to this jar as the petals of our life. This is the Jar I have had them in for 6 years, it sits on the dresser in my bedroom

this jar has become something that has a lot of meaning to me.. as I reflect back on all the occasions for the petals, they represent some of the most joyful & hard times in our lives-- they tell a story-- our story. And I am amazed at the emotions that can come back with just a glance.