Monday, April 2, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Love peeps? Well... the only thing better than a peep is a CHOCOLATE covered peep! You will soon learn that YES I do LOVE chocolate.... So first take your peeps and poke a stick into each one. I used the lollipop sticks they are a medium length stick, you can find them anywhere that sells candy making supplies. (walmart even has them)

Then dip them into melted chocolate. I like to use the chocolate fountain chocolate but you can use anykind, if you use chocolate chips add a little bit of oil it will help to make it smooth. Make sure the container you use to dip them in is deep enough for the chocolate to cover the whole peep. Dip & tap it on the edge of the cup and then I scrape the backside across the rim of the cup- to take off the excess chocolate.

Place them on parchment paper & put eyes & a nose on them before the chocolate dries. I know what you're thinking.. WOW those are CRAZY EYES! lol a little scarry, I promise they look cute once they are all done. I used pre-made eyes, you can buy them at Michaels or where they sell candy making supplies. The nose is a round sprinkle, but you can use whatever you have on hand...

I like to put them in small plastic bags- however; the plastic reflects the flash on the camera, so I'm sorry for the little bit of glare. Again you can get the bags almost anywhere they have candy making supplies- tape the bag around the stick & tie with a ribbon... see aren't they adorable, crazy eyes and all..

Or you can mix them in with un-dipped peeps and you have a very cute & fun arrangement! You better snap a picture fast though... because they'll go fast!