Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Homemade Cleaners

It's time for Spring Cleaning... I have spent the last couple of days trying to CLEAN-UP my house. After all the Easter FUN we had... and just everyday stuff it is sometimes a never ending chore to keep things nice and clean the way I like them. But I have to tell you I LOVE the homemade cleaners I have been using. Some I have used for years & some are new ones I have just started using the last 8 months-- We made cleaners a few months ago at "club" and Tara typed them up on recipe cards for me.... so I thought you might like to try using them too. Just start with one and see what you think...

this stuff will not streak... it's so good you are going to love it.

and this cleaner is AMAZING.. great for tile, sinks, tubs... it makes lots of suds, so you have to be able to rinse the area your cleaning really well

This is probably my all time FAVORITE.. it will make your counter tops shine like nothing you have ever used..

love this stuff too... cleans just as good as any of the store bought ones I have used... and saves lots of $ too.

I use this alot too... but DON'T use it on granite- because the vinegar will cause it to dull over time, and make sure you add the soda last after everything else has been put in the bottle. For all the cleaners I just pour them into spray bottles, and then I write the ingredients on the back of the bottle too. Then it's easy to make more when you are getting low. They are so much better for you because there are no harmful chemicals in them. Let me know what you think about them!

Here is one more... I have been making a homemade laundry soap that I liked, but you had to grate the bar of soap & boil everything on the stove... it was a little time consuming.  So a few months ago I decided to try this one and I LOVE it!! It is so easy, I haven't figured the math on how much it cost per load- but I know it can't be more than .10 really!!  And I can't tell the difference in my laundry.


Cassie said...

I made all of these tonight and am so excited to use them!

Jamie Hamblin said...

Great! I love them!