Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cake Pops

Oh how I love cake pops. They are so good, and pretty easy to make. I usually make a batch and freeze 1/2 of them, then they are even better--- because when you are craving one you just have to take them out of the freezer & chocolate dip them.. and ta-da they are ready to eat in minutes. They will last in the freezer a couple of months... so if you have never tried them you really should... here's all you do...

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Make your favorite cake, then cool it & crumble it up into pieces. Take 1 can of frosting & use 1/2 of the can for one cake. This is why I make 2 cakes and use the whole can of frosting-- then freeze 1/2 of them for later.
You really want to mix the frosting into the cake well- I use my hands to mix it in. Then take a cookie dough scoop and scoop the mixture, then roll into balls. Put them into the fridge & chill for a few minutes, then you dip each one into chocolate. There are 100's of ways to decorate them. Drizzle with another color of chocolate, or roll into sprinkles. I put a wooden skewer into these and dipped some into chocolate- sprinkled the tops with multi colored sprinkles and dipped some into pink colored white chocolate then rolled the bottoms into the sprinkles. Put them in sm. candy liners & they look darling!! Each cake will make around 40 cake balls Enjoy--