Sunday, April 15, 2012

Father's Day

I always wanted to make those fun double colored swirl cupcakes... so last year I found some decorating bags on line that were split into two sections-- I don't remember where I found them :( It was pretty easy to use, you make 2 different colors of frosting & fill each side with a color and pipe it on..... it's amazing.... love how they turned out. It makes a very pretty presentation.

These chocolate covered potatoe chips (I used pringles) were a hit with the boy's, they were their favorite--- the only complaint was that I didn't make enough Haha! There are a few white chocolate covered pretzels mixed in there too.

This is not the best picture--- I am not the photographer in the family! :) But these are root beer candies.... they are everyones favorite

and always... striped drinking straws...

and what Father's day would be complete without rootbeer in a bottle???

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