Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carrot Napkins

A few years ago I saw these cute carrot napkins and we have been making them for our Easter dinner ever since. They are really easy... so let's get started. First take a large orange paper napkin and unfold it so it forms a rectangle like this

Then put your green plastic utinsels in the left hand corner, fold the right corner into the center as shown

Then begin to roll the napkin around the utinsels, pulling it tight as you go- and roll until your napkin is all the way around them in the shape of a carrot...

Take 2 green pipe cleaners- you can use a dark & light one or I used a dark one & a glittery one... because I love a little "bling". You can tie them with whatever you have, ribbon, raffia- I have even used the green star garland before. They will be darling no matter what you use. I cut the pipe cleaners so it looks like the green stuff on carrots!

And look what you have-- they are darling in a glass container or in a basket.. simple & fun. The kids will love them.

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